Day trips & journeys

Day trips

We sometimes take the children out of school for visits to museums and other places of interest. These trips are typically linked to the curriculum and therefore considered of great importance. We normally ask parents/carers to help contribute to the cost of such outings.

Local visits

There are times when children make local visits, normally on foot, to the library or local points of interest. They also go swimming at Forest Hill Pools, using the school mini-bus as transport.

Parents will have completed a permission slip on arrival at our school and this will last for the duration of their time at Stillness Junior School.

School journeys

Each year we hope to organise school journeys for the fifth and sixth years. Although places are restricted we encourage children to go on at least one school journey during their time in the junior school. Grants are available towards some of the cost, but can only be paid once and are reviewed annually. Please ask your teacher for details.

We alternate the venue of school journeys as it might be possible for some children to go in their fifth and sixth years. We will be offering separate trips to Farms for City Children, or an activity holiday in England for Y5, and a Y6 junior activity holiday to a location in Europe. Great attention is given to ensure children understand the safety aspects and code of conduct of their journey.

We feel the purpose of a school journey is for the children to become familiar with another environment and to take part in activities and visit places which are new to them.

There are of course times when we cannot make the numbers required for a school trip to go ahead and also there may be times when a school trip is over subscribed and children are unable to go on their chosen trip.