After School Clubs

We have a wide variety of structured activities for children to enjoy at the end of the school day.

Some of the clubs on offer are run by our own parents and carers.  Forms can be downloaded from the school website or obtained via the school office.  

Monday – Craft Club

Tuesday – Spanish and Baking Club

Wednesday – Sewing Club and Baking Club

Thursday – Knitting, Robo Club and French Club

Friday – Book Club and Contemporary Dance

London Youth Events also offer a wide variety of clubs for children at the end of the school day.

The after school sport clubs run every day of the week from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Children can take part in a variety of activities from gymnastics to football and cricket.

The extended after school service runs every day from 3.15pm to 6.30pm. The activities on offer are the usual structured after school sports clubs followed by a healthy snack at 4.30pm. The children are encouraged to socialize, play board games and generally relax. A quiet homework area is also provided.

Both clubs are fully supervised at all times by fully qualified and DBS checked staff.

23.5.18 - Fit Kids Club Summer Half Term 2018.pdf

NEW for 2018 CLAY CLUB.pdf

French Club Summer Term.pdf

Spanish Club Summer term.pdf

12.3.18 - Fit Kids Club Summer 2018.pdf

Contemporary Dance.pdf


5.3.18 - ART CLUB APR 2018.pdf

5.3.18 - APRIL 2018 WED BAKING CLUB.pdf

5.3.18 - APRIL 2018 SEWING CLUB.pdf

5.3.18 - APRIL 2018 KNITTING CLUB.pdf

5.3.18 - APRIL 2018 CRAFT CLUB.pdf

Fit Kids Club Spring 2018.pdf

Gymnastics Club Spring 2018.pdf

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