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17 May 2018


Summer Promotion from Marks and Spencers:


Good news! We are pleased to confirm that Marks and Spencers will be offering 20% off all uniform on the M&S Your School Uniform website.  This will run from 5 June to 3 July 2018.


All orders over £50 will continue to be delivered free of charge.





2 May 2018

Second Hand Book Sale - Friday 11th May after school

We are having a clear out of the cupboards in the Library, and are selling off lots of books, old and new!  

Also selling off old copies of the Beano and Phoenix.  

We will be setting up next to the Nearly New Uniform stall on the afternoon of May 11th.

Any money we make on the book stall will go back into buying books for the library - we are trying to raise money to overhaul our Non-Fiction section, and buy a shelf for our growing graphic novel section. 

(please don't send in book donations for this as we are trying to have a clear out! If it's successful we will ask for donations for another sale towards the end of term)


2 March 2018

From the 1 May 2018 the cost of a school dinner has increased by £0.10 to £2.20 per day.

The dinner money from 4 June 2018 to 18 July 2018 will be £72.60.   Can parents/carers please make every effort to pay in advance. 

To improve the service we provide, Stillness Junior School is a cashless school does not accept cheques or cash as payment.

Payment can be made online using a very secure website called ParentPay. You all have your individual ID and Password to access this facility.

Pease note: if you wish to change your child from packed lunch to school dinners, or visa versa, please inform the school office in writing to avoid being charged. Children can only change this option at half-term breaks.

Math Solutions

2 March 2018

Math Solutions for Newsletter:

May Maths Puzzle Answers.pdf


2 March 2018

In the unfortunate event that the school is forced to close at any time due to inclement weather/emergency, the school will send out a text message to parents/carers to inform them. The children are able to do some maths on the Mathletics website and a wide range of activities on using their login details.


1 March 2018

We are pleased to inform parents/carers that we work extremely hard to ensure that our website is up to date. Please take a minute to have a look and catch up with the latest news and holiday dates. If you do not wish photographs of your child/ren to be posted on this website, in the school newsletter or in articles that may be published in the press, please notify the school office in writing.