Sports Premium

Our Objectives:

Participation – Increasing the number of children who take in physical activity inside of school, whilst also encouraging out of school involvement in sport and exercise.

Expertise – At every opportunity, we seek to have specialist PE coaches working with our children, with our teachers being present for continuity and knowledge sharing.

Diversity – With a curriculum that ranges across a number of different sports, the experience for our children is equally wide-ranging.

Differentiation – As with all subjects at Stillness Junior, the varying degrees of abilities are differentiated accordingly. Ranging from extra support, given to pupils in lessons, to gifted and talented clubs in the borough for the exceptional.

Performance – Be it individual or collective team performance; children are given numerous opportunities to compete in both intra and inter competitions.

Our Allocation:

Stillness Junior School was allocated £9,660 through the Government’s Primary PE and Sport Premium for the 2016/2017 academic year.

What is the sports premium?

Following the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games the Government has provided funding for schools to secure a significant and lasting legacy for the children. The aim is to develop an enjoyment of sport and physical activity, and to promote a healthy lifestyle in pupils from an early age.

Our 2015-2016

Beyond the funds received from the Sports Premium, we also invested additional school funding, which combined together achieved the following:

  • Little Leaders Programme
  • Extra coaches at lunch times to encourage children to be active
  • CPD for staff
  • Sports Day/Equipment
  • After school netball club – to raise the status of netball at Stillness Junior School
  • Resources and equipment

Our 2016-2017

  • An extra coach to mentor Little Leader in Year 6
  • CPD for staff
  • After school netball club – to raise the status of netball at Stillness Junior School
  • Resources and equipment (over £2,000 spent on new equipment)
  • Payment of specialist coach to take children to inter school competitions
  • Annual hiring of Kings Sports Ground
  • Paying for school sports kits and jackets to engender a team spirit and equality so that every child has the opportunity to wear the kit with pride
  • A set of iPads to use to improve performance and technique

Our Future:

With the items listed above having been implemented during the Autumn term, or indeed being ongoing from previous years, the planned allocation of budget for the Spring and Summer terms are as follows:

  • Children from the Little Leader programme running their own lunch time sports clubs
  • Sports Day at Kings Sports Ground
  • More explicit use of the house system (intra school competitions)
  • Teachers trialling new scheme of work to match new curriculum map
  • CPD for sports on the curriculum map that teachers are not confident teaching
  • The use of ICT and assessment

Our Feedback:

‘Stillness provides a rich and varied range of activities to help children enjoy being active.’

‘We seek to build on children’s enjoyment of sport and provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills.’

‘P.E. at my school is fun and active and I like how I am aware of my fitness.’

‘P.E. and sport in Stillness makes you fit and healthy and I love going to all the competitions.’