Our curriculum

The curriculum is made up of the core subjects - English, Maths, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Religious Education, Physical Education, Art and Design/Technology, Personal Social Health Education and Modern Foreign Languages.

Some subjects are predominantly taught through our creative curriculum, which enables children to learn through interactive sessions and a topic based focus. Throughout the curriculum children are taught the principles of 'good' learning - knowledge, skills and attributes. You may also hear your child talking about wearing a particular coloured hat to work out a problem - this is all part of De Bono's thinking skills which they are also taught.

We recognise and support the aims identified for learners of all ages and that our curriculum should:

  • Be appropriate to the needs, attainments and aptitudes of individual children.
  • Promote children's spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional, intellectual, physical and social development.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes of our children in ways which are expressly relevant to the needs of the individual child and the community in which they live.
  • Reflect and celebrate the cultural, ethnic, linguistic, social and religious diversity of our local community.
  • Seek to ensure equality of access and quality of work for all children and recognise that this is an entitlement.
  • Prepare and encourage children to share in the responsibilities, demands and opportunities of adult life.

Please click below to view individual year group curriculum maps.

Year 3 Curriculum map 2016.pdf

Year 4 Curriculum map 2016.pdf

Year 5 Curriculum Map 2016.pdf

Year 6 Curriculum Map 2016.pdf