Our curriculum

At Stillness, we have an inclusive curriculum with a holistic approach that is relevant to all learners and reflects the communities we are part of. We have the freedom to move away from teaching discrete, isolated subjects and develop more innovative and effective approaches to teaching in order to create a curriculum that is tailored to children’s specific needs and interests.

We celebrate one another’s cultural diversity and learn about different faiths and traditions. This creative curriculum is driven by our school values so that learners develop a broad and deep understanding of key skills in curriculum subjects as well as becoming spiritually, morally and culturally aware of the national and global society we live in.

Each term, a project is planned based upon a science, geography or history focus that teaches the key skills the children need to learn across a range of topics.

We do this by immersing children in their learning through cross curricular planning and learning opportunities. We foster a life-long love of learning in all areas through providing real life opportunities e.g. trips, launch days and special visitors.  Classrooms support the development of key skills as well as being reflective of our cross curricular approach.  This approach enables all learners to understand the possibilities in their learning and the future.

Our approach ensures that our children are excited about learning, feel involved in the process and have a level of anticipation about what will happen next.

Creative Curriculum Overview 2017-2018.pdf

Creative Curriculum Topic Map 2017-2018.pdf